The 12 Pillars to Wealth

Every piece of training you’ll find within JustDoLife™ is framed around the 12 Pillars to Wealth. Take a look at all we have to offer to increase your Financial Intelligence.


Learn how to use your salary or your business to grow your money; and how to build a profitable business that aligns with your life and financial goals.


Learn the keys to building wealthy and healthy relationships at work, in business (and yes, even at home!).


Learn how to build wealth to the point where you can give back. Generosity is the antidote to greed, after all. We’ll explore what leaving a legacy looks like, and how and when it can fit into your greater plan.

Fit to Prosper

We’ll look at what success is like, and how your lifestyle must change in terms of being fit to prosper with health and vitality playing a big part of it.


We’ll show you the art of clever investing, and how to make money work for you by building assets and strategies you can leverage for the rest of your life.


Leadership can be taught, so get the tools and insights into how you can become a better leader. We’ll show you when to lead, and when to not.

Legal Matters

Learn how to protect your wealth and take control of your money.


Learn how to visualise and get your mindset right for success; while removing any financial pre-conditioning that already exists. It’s essential to get your mindset ready to welcome and create long-term wealth.


Professional relationships are a foundation of developing wealth and teach you how to build strategic, reciprocal and genuine relationships that set you on a path to success. We have built relationships with some of the most inspiring and informed entrepreneurs, CEOs, accountants and leaders around, and they all lend their knowledge and insights to the JustDoLife™ courses and content.

Personal Development

Know when to invest in yourself and how. Explore the possibilities of ongoing personal development. Commit to continuous learning and education as your progression to wealth.


Learn how to use tax to drive down debt, get money back from the ATO, and use it to get ahead. There are 100% legal tips and tricks the wealthy know and use, so you’ll learn these too.


Learn how to use your income to build a lifestyle, not just pay bills. Plus, you’ll get access to debt-reduction strategies that actually work.

Your VIP Exclusive Access

All the JustDoLife™ content, all the knowledge, all the time. It's yours.

The JustDoLife™ Financial Intelligence Portal contains a rich resource of trainings and expert content that will help you become financially informed, and start making strategic money moves sooner rather than later. No more waiting for retirement or a financial emergency to come knocking before you take action on your financial goals or worse yet, regret your earlier inaction. The key is to get started, and get learning, today. It's only $30 monthly membership (that's just $1 a day) or a special offer one time payment of just $249 per year for all the JustDoLife content. This includes our Financial Intelligence software too.
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