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Introducing Julio De Laffitte

Hi! I’m Julio De Laffitte, Founder of JustDoLife™. I came to Australia 30 years ago from Brazil, without speaking a word of English, and without a dollar to my name. I went on to become a self-made multi-millionaire through property investment. Today I help everyday Australians who are struggling to save money to become financially savvy and generate real wealth. My ultimate quest is to raise the financial intelligence of ALL Australians — so they can build the lives and lifestyle they want. And I created JustDoLife™ to do exactly that.

You're in very good company...

Let’s just say I know a thing or two about investing wisely and generating wealth. I’ve been invited to address the stage at NSW Parliament House, led 106 entrepreneurs on a 10-day global think tank to Antarctica, and over the last 20+ years my companies, all under the JDL Strategies brand, generated:


    $8 BILLION in financial transactions


    2,000 MILLIONAIRE property investors


    $380 MILLION in strategic alliances

What's JustDoLife all about? Take a peek...

If you're currently...

  • Living week to week, or pay to pay, and never saving anything at the end of the month.
  • Earning good money, but despite that you STILL can’t seem to get ahead financially, then you’re in the right place.

Despite what you might believe right now, you DON’T need a pay rise or a promotion to get ahead financially. But you DO need to educate yourself and start making your money work hard for you. That's where JustDoLife will help you increase your Financial Intelligence.

Your VIP Exclusive Access

All the JustDoLife™ content, all the knowledge, all the time. It's yours.

The JustDoLife™ Financial Intelligence Portal contains a rich resource of trainings and expert content that will help you become financially informed, and start making strategic money moves sooner rather than later. No more waiting for retirement or a financial emergency to come knocking before you take action on your financial goals or worse yet, regret your earlier inaction. The key is to get started, and get learning, today. It's only $30 monthly membership (that's just $1 a day) or a special offer one time payment of just $249 per year for all the JustDoLife content. This includes our Financial Intelligence software too.

Knowledge is Powerful

Applying it is wonderful...

The more knowledge you have, the more educated your decisions in life, work and business will be. JustDoLife™ is a wealth of knowledge, and all ready for you to consume.

This knowledge was once my main competitive advantage, available only to my private clients. Now, with this program, my ultimate goal is to help, inspire, and enable every single person I come into contact with, to reach their financial goals.

So whether you want to feel more confident about your finances, take back control of your money, save more, reduce your debt, minimize the tax you pay, make clever investments, or retire early — JustDoLife™ is here to give you the education you need to make those goals a reality.

Welcome aboard,


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